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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Camp Bru Co-founder, Jake Brudish, was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at fifteen months of age in 1995. Jake played Division I Basketball at Southern Methodist University and has been coaching at the collegiate level for over six years. Jake has been a part of multiple Conference Championship teams and trips to the NCAA Tournament as a player and coach. Jake’s experience has inspired him to give back – to connect youth with mentors and peers who understand the daily challenges they face as an athlete living with T1D.

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Giving Back

In 2010, the Brudish Family founded Hoops International Inc (501c-3). The objective of Hoops International is to connect with people around the world and instill in them the importance of peace and resilience through practice. Lessons learned on the court reflect their commitment to self-improvement throughout life. To accomplish this, Hoops International conducts grass-roots community projects and traditional cultural experiences, combined with basketball camps for kids and educational clinics for coaches. Bringing people together through practice unites them by overcoming challenges and assists in developing an esteem for self, for others, and for positive common goals.

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